by In Depths & Tides

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released February 15, 2014

Tracked, mixed, and mastered by Ian van Opijnen of Echoroom Studios in Worcester, MA.

Album artwork and layout by Chris Piecha of CCP Creations

All music written and performed by In Depths & Tides

All lyrics written by Brandon Crisostomi with support on tracks 5 and 10 by Brandon Osborn

Logo by Juan Ortiz from Of The Dead Designs

Released February 15th, 2014



all rights reserved


In Depths & Tides Mansfield, Massachusetts

Heavy progressive. Born from the viscera of fallen bands. New England groove.


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Track Name: Russia
This is an adaptation to your new life as an alien cult.
Subsequently, I'm infatuated with the gaseous toxins that violently inhabit your lungs.
It will not be long.
I like my lips in anticipation.
Time takes its place as your enemy.
Programming disposable rats to eat out of our hands.
These vermin seem tranquil in their disposition.
Witness to their bloodlust.
They feed. Delusions of addiction.
And when you finally see there is no home for you in this void, a neurological relapse will shape your own downfall.
May you never shake these images from your mind.
If they call this hell a home, then they will never close their eyes again.
If you keep your end of the bargain, then you'll pray for your survival.
Track Name: Fever Breed
Familiar faces blend and melt into each other.
Becoming more difficult for you to distinguish your own and your greatest foes.
Try to clear this haziness from your rapidly dematerializing psyche.
You took me for the worst kind of enemy.
You took me for the worst.
Do you feel uncomfortable in your very own skin?
I can almost taste the poison myself as it incinerates.
Your flesh becomes my canvas.
We will not live in fear of what may become.
This is not a drill, this is malicious preparation.
Do you feel the emptiness that grows inside of you?
It grows inside of me.
Long live the traitor that dwells within our spines.
I am a traitor.
Familiar faces blend and melt into each other.
Becoming more difficult for you.
These were my friends. I called you family.
I can't apologize when this was for the better.
Long live the traitor.
Long live the traitor.
Long live the traitor. Exists within us all.
Long live.
Blackened my tongue with the excess treachery.
Long live the traitor.
Long live the traitor.
Track Name: Perspectives In Watercolor
This is in relation to color and motion.
Illusions I will never understand.
A liquid absence of vision I can not comprehend.
I fear myself. I fear myself.
Trying to find somewhere to keep my feet on the ground.
Just a place to close my eyes, in an ocean I can drown.
An overwhelming world, or a king without a crown.
Mirages of perfection that I can't wrap my mind around.
Set me free from the beautiful lie that's been embedded in my mind.
I have found no answers that I have sought.
It's an empty battle that I have fought.
Take me home.
Decades I have lived, knowing not of what I did not have.
If this is what I've lived without, then I have lost.
All my life was spent to discover why all of my brothers were given a blessing I was born without.
I now live knowing the blessing had been my own.
Trying to find somewhere to keep my feet on the ground.
Just a place to close my eyes, in an ocean I can drown.
An overwhelming world, or a king without a crown.
Mirages of perfection that I can't wrap my mind around.
Set me free.
If this is truly living, then I know my final task.
An ascension to a place without the troubles of human sight. (x2)
Track Name: [BIO] Part II: Derelicts Of Deformity
This tale was over the very page it began on.
The frayed pages of this journal gently float to the ground.
Notes of desolate futures are scrawled within.
Misshapen figures of children illustrate the parchment.
Try to burn the bridges that were built.
Desperately scramble to set fire to this place.
There are miles standing in between the beautiful potential and the sobering reality.
Incapable of helping themselves.
They fear each and every tomorrow.
They fear the nights to come.
The moon shines behind gathering clouds.
They fear the nights to come. They fear.
How can you say you're our only god when my mind is chemically imbalanced?
It's time to show the vast inclinations of our true universe.
They have, they have swallowed every life force whole.
Forceful poison melts them.
Track Name: [BIO] Part III: Black Sand
I am a god drifting among the waste of the world beneath my feet.
If you lived the way I do, you would feel the need.
The need for monumental sadist feed.
I am the atmosphere.
I am the wind that chills your very bones.
Physically detach hope to make my presence known.
Makeshift lobotomies.
Serve your life in the palm of my hands. In my hands.
The tendrils of time would fail to foresee the evil in sacrificing a human for knowledge.
A beacon of virtue still paves a path in the fog.
I still breathe the vapors of human progress.
I've become a monster.
Made my home beneath black sand.
If they perish at my hands, I still breathe the vapors of human progress.
Hatred incubates the spawn of black sand.
No need to soothe pain satiates my need to dominate.
The lurching sound as your glass bones break brings me violently to arousal.
Nauseating is the stench.
Famished for the peace of freedom.
No need to soothe pain satiates my need to dominate.
Vomiting as your organs spill.
You regurgitate the contents of your innards as if you wish to cleanse yourself of evil
As your end draws near, you will embrace it with your open arms.
I have turned your body inside out.
Pitiful is your flaccid anatomy.
Draw back your eyes to witness immaculate taxidermy.
Track Name: Parasitic Rebirth
Tonight is the night I will call upon the cosmic forces in relation to creation of a monster so hideous and revile.
A plain of existence yet to be revealed.
Unmask the deviance I have kept within myself.
He will be my own.
Stitched together a mass of decaying foreign limbs.
This night begs revelation.
Magnetic. Electric. Strike down life essence from the clouds.
He comes alive.
Birthed horror from my hands in the name of science.
Know not what will become of this nameless monster. (x2)
The abnormality is exactly what I crave.
This time won't be the last of this. (x2)
Brought to life what could have never been conceived.
Channeling life from mechanisms that once held energy.
A symphony of organs pumping beautiful melodies.
Meticulously carved together a creation of abomination.
Rise, creature. Hear your name. Heed my call. (x2)
Rise creature.
Hear your name.
Track Name: The Equinox Of Warfare
They have leveled the place we call home.
Forced our bodies into contamination.
Our lungs collecting a toxic component of nuclear warfare.
Where will we go? How will we hide?
This horror knows no boundaries.
Look towards the blackened sky.
There is no god left for praise.
Pawns left in haze to deteriorate.
There are no signs left of a better place, just a harrowing and constant memory.
Subjected to heinous acts of invalidity.
Can you feel the acid rain as it evaporates off of your skin?
Is there a better way? We can't be left to die this way.
Relay visions of deformity on impressionable lives.
Skin crawls, peeling from tissue in a spastic manner.
Miasma of nuclear genocide.
Break the fall of children hurling towards the ground.
No remorse. No grain of empathy is found.
Desecration. Infection of a population.
We inherit disease.
This is what we are dying for. (x2)
This is why we're dying.
As I close my eyes I see the vortex quickly closing in.
Pale-faced as I watch my family liquefy.
I take a breath. The toxins scorch my lungs.
Organs pulsing on the asphalt.
Toxic fragments flaming through the clouds.
Shapeshifting clouds open up, revealing the sun.
Particles, settling, blanket the ground.
The air that we breathe mocks our existence.
Rise in the absence of compassion.
As the artifacts of our history decompose, we pray the sun will shine anew.
Misanthropic tyrants tread water like gods while we drown in rivers of apathy.
Would you?
Would you sacrifice your own life?
Would you sacrifice?
Track Name: MKULTRA
Herding sheep, soon to be a memory.
It's hard to keep my feet grounded.
It's just as hard to stay balanced.
I will not let you do the thinking for me.
Dissolve all these apparitions of comfort.
I will never let you get the best of me.
For I have drifted for much too long in these hollow veins.
I seek solace but reality is a fallacy.
"Come home," a daughter cries, her father lost in perceptions of time.
In fragments he watched himself float away.
Would you die this way?
It's easier to be blind than only to see what we're allowed to see.
Brought to our knees in a comatose surrendering.
Your icy fingers are wrapped around our necks in a parallel trance.
Now my perception of this world has faded away.
The substance of lucid skies determine if we're saved.
I can not live knowing there is more to life than I have seen.
We beg for peace but we hunger for control.
Diminished our sense of reasoning.
It's easier to be blind than to see the world in warping retrospect.
We will be remembered.
Through portraits of space painted beautifully, I descend.
Wake me up so I can see a world of immortality for myself.
I will be known. (x2)
For how long will my eyes see what you see?
For how long will we be taught what to think?
This is not justified.
Now my perception of this world has faded away.
The substance of lucid skies determine if we're saved.
Balancing on a thread, I enter a world free of pain.
Track Name: Prototype Organism
Have they created an inorganic miscreation?
Or have their hands forged new hope?
A hunger that grows with every waking moment.
Patiently they have waited.
Attempting to illuminate the minds of the common people.
Crafting a cellular, structural database, hoping to radiate new life where no seed was planted.
Mechanical reproduction calls forth illusion.
A vomitous mass of cells being used by a covenant of blinded vultures.
Digging deeper to find a method behind their desires for power.
They will eradicate the need for population.
They will destroy just to rebuild unnatural beings.
An artificial heart beats.
This was your prototype organism. (x2)
A beautiful creature breathes toxic air.
A beautiful creature breathes in smog.
Advancements are made.
Leeching sons and daughters from no mothers.
Breaking the molds made from the planet itself.
You could be the next big thing or you could be a murder weapon.
Forced onto corrupted soil and leeching just from essence, you are born.
You are born.